The philosophy of the Temporary Shop


It 's important to the psychological mechanism that happens in the consumer before opening a temporary shop.

Rosanna Marchegiani ( writes and says, "On the display there is also a countdown time showing the days, hours and even minutes of opening. Then we have to hurry up getting into.

"Of course, because the temporary shops may stay open from a few days up to a month, maybe two. The temporary shop create this mechanism: the customers are in a hurry to visit them not to lose the opportunity, because the store will close and not reopen again. Customers are so afraid of losing a unique event, and often decide to buy without thinking too much if the product they are buying is really needed.

In addition, when there is something unique and unrepeatable, the customer has a tendency to invite friends and colleagues. The temporary shop has achieved its goal: to stimulate the curiosity of customers who visit the store before it's too late.

The idea that to increase sales is essential to create stable relationships with customers is completely revolutionized".